Flat Bottom Pouch No Zipper

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  • 114gm
  • 1kg
  • 250gm
  • 340gm
  • 500gm
  • Brown Paper
    Brown Paper
    Matt Black
    Matt Black
    Matt Silver
    Matt Silver
    Matt White
    Matt White
    Shiny Black
    Shiny Black
    Shiny White
    Shiny White


    Flat bottom pouches are a newer style of packaging which combines a stand-up pouch and side gusset bag. This pouch has a brick like appearance once the product has been filled. They are available with or without a valve for coffee bean breathing.

    • Our Flat Bottom Food Grade Pouches without Zipper is a Premium packaging Solution with a silver metalize layer inside to protect your products
    • These Laminated Plastic Bags are manufactured using 3 layers of Plastic material which helps your product to stay fresh for a longer period and protects it from Oxygen and Moisture
    • Important: The above-mentioned weight references are given in respect to the volume of Whole coffee beans i.e., if it’s a 28g pouch, it will hold 28g of coffee beans. So, if your product is sugar granules, which are much smaller compared to coffee beans that will fill a higher quantity in the 28gm bags from us. Please refer to the size guide image above for more help on the subject.

    Note: Can withstand up to 80˚C product Hot filling and Hot dipping (for pasteurization, up to 25-30 mins) temperature and -60˚C cold storage temperature.

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    114gm, 1kg, 250gm, 340gm, 500gm


    Brown Paper, Matt Black, Matt Silver, Matt White, Shiny Black, Shiny White